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Bruce Rubin


Bruce has over forty years experience in industry for medium sized consumer products companies. Bruce’s experience and background provides him with the ability to analyze problems quickly and come up with solutions. The word NO is not part of his vocabulary when it comes to solving a problem. He brings a "can do" approach to all issues and provides solutions that work and are typically easy to implement.

Bruce’s global sourcing background began in 1989 with travel to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Israel, Germany, Belgium, and Canada to develop products, relationships, and sources.

At Keystone Franklin Inc., Bruce developed an international partnership with an Israeli company to produce a new line of shower heads. This was done at no cost for product development or tooling in exchange for the manufacturer's exclusive right to sell in Europe. The cost of development and tooling was in excess of one million dollars - a significant cost savings for a $30 million company.

Also while at Keystone Franklin, Bruce led an effort to develop a new product line with a Chinese manufacturer. This product led to the company securing Lowe’s as a customer thereby adding over 10% to the company’s sales.

In addition to those countries and companies mentioned above, Bruce has worked with and developed relationships with companies in India, France, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Germany.

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