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is wasted or lost each year. This represents 340 pounds of food lost or wasted for every person on the planet.

Perfectly consumable food that either spoils or gets thrown away could feed 1.6 billion more people each year.

The retail value of lost and wasted food costs the global economy more than the combined 2015 profits of the Fortune 500.

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What is RASP  ?

RASP is an off-the-grid, alternative energy, agricultural cold storage facility aimed at preventing post-harvest loss of fruits and vegetables worldwide.  

Loss occurs at the front of the food chain—when food rots in fields, or is lost as a result of poor transportation networks, or spoils in markets that lack proper storage and preservation equipment and practices.

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RASP combines the latest in cold storage manufacturing technology and control with a specially designed PV solar array as the energy source. Using electronically integrated systems, combined with proprietary control units, RASP produces a cold storage product potentially capable of dramatically reducing the loss of fruits and vegetables in the developing economies of the world.

  • The RASP cold room can be located at any point in the supply chain, from the farm, to the village, to the export center. The current service life of this power system is projected to be 25 years.

  • The RASP cold room is to be 24 ft x 10 ft x 8 ft scalable to meet the needs of each geographical area and can become part of a complete hub and spoke distribution and storage system.

The entire system, which includes the solar power arrays, battery storage banks, control units and cold room, can be easily assembled in a matter of days by a small team of semi-skilled workers managed by our trained installation managers. The amount of crops that can be stored in each RASP unit is estimated at a minimum of 10 metric tons, with scalability to larger capacities possible and anticipated.

Why RASP  ?

RASP supplies the missing link in the cold chain with ease of deployment, cost effectiveness, ease of operation, low maintenance, scalability and the ability to be remotely controlled and monitored. It also has the potential to allow farmers globally to maximize their crop production by utilizing all of the land that they have available to plant.


RASP will allow farmers to harvest crops at the appropriate time thereby maximizing the potential for income. In many cases our research shows that crops are picked when the “middle man” is coming, instead of at the optimal harvest time. When fully deployed, RASP should dramatically increase the amount of cold storage available worldwide and can play a key role in solving the puzzle of reducing world-wide crop spoilage.

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